October 7, 2009

Our Birth Photos! Enjoy!!


Les said...

Ryan and Alicia, we are happy that we got a chance to be a part of this special time in your life... Be blessed in everything that you do with Kayla Love you... Dad and Teresa

Gema said...

Hey Crespin Family!!!!
Oh my god! She is the cutest baby ever! Sorry I wasn't able to come to the hospital...been working. I can't wait to see her in person. She's adorable! congratulations to all three!
I'm glad everything went all right. Hope she doesn't cry too much.

Vanessa said...

I am a member of BBC and saw your birth announcement and had to check out your blogspot....I just wanted to say what a beautiful couple you are and now a beautiful family. Enjoy every second with your new baby girl time flies believe me my first baby boy is turning 12 and I can't believe it. CONGRATULATIONS!! Your pictures on here made me cry they truly tell how special her birth was to everyone. What a lucky little girl Kayla is.
Welcome to the world Kayla
From one of your BBC friends,
Vanessa and hopefully arriving soon Chance

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