April 24, 2009

Family Updates!

Hello All!
We hope that you guys are doing well!

We are heading on to week 17 on Monday! Yay! I am still feeling good! I still have had no morning sickness. Thank goodness. I am feeling less tired, Ryan sure is happy about that one! I occasionally get headaches, but other than that I am great!

I am still small tho, my hips are definitely wider, but only a small baby bump. :( I can't wait to be bigger! Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I will POP!

I am getting soooooo anxious to buy baby stuff! Everything is so cute! Of course I am automatically attracted to girl things because they are just adorable. Ryan always gets mad, telling me that I am jinxing it! He says if we have a girl it is payback for him! LOL! We ALL want to know already what the baby is! 2 more weeks to go!

My mom is getting anxious as she has bought a onesie, baby bath things, a cute carrier sling and I am sure others that she is not telling me about! Grandma Gail is also anxious for her grandbaby! She bought the cutest baby UGG boots, booties and baby lotion! They are sooo teeny! We can't wait to put them on our new baby!

We are also redoing our kitchen and bathroom floor with tile! It looks sooooo nice! It should be done tomorrow, so I will post some before and after pictures! We also bought a new dining room table because the one we were using was Jen's. Now that her and Greg got a new apartment together, they are taking the table. They move in this weekend! We are super excited for them!

We have decided to move the office into Jen's room and turn the office into the baby's nursery. We will probably start getting it ready after the cruise in June. That way I will almost be 6 months pregnant. That will probably be the best part!!

Ok, I got to go work now! Love ya!

April 10, 2009

Here is my little baby bump!!!
I know it's small, but I can't comfortably button my jeans anymore!
Can't wait til I look pregnant and not like I am gaining weight!

April 2, 2009

New Ultrasound Pics! 3.31.09

Hello Everyone!!! :)
We went to a specialist for high risk pregnancies on Monday to see if my Spina Bifida would have any affect on the baby. Good news! It does not!! Yay!! So far so good with our healthy baby!

But the best part is that we were able to see our little bundle of joy, who is currently at 13 1/2 weeks, the size of a peach! The baby is getting so much bigger! We can't say the same for me! I just looked like a gained a few pounds in the tummy. I can not wait to start showing where people can actually tell!!
He/she was sucking it's thumb, waving and making suckling gestures. It was the most cutest thing ever!

Next week, we are officially in our 2nd Trimester! Wooooowhooo!! This is a monumental step for any pregnancy because of a lot of the risks decrease.

We hope you enjoy the pictures! The second one you can see the baby's hand near it's mouth!

Oh, and again, Ryan thought the baby's umbilical cord was his you know what. He is desperate for a boy! We go back 4/13...hopefully we can tell by then (15 wks along). If not, then our next is 5/7 and we will for sure find out then! Yay!

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