October 7, 2009

Induction Update 9:45am


So, the doctor came in at 7:30am and put me in the worse pain of my life! I seriously started to cry! He broke my water with a huge long crochet needle. Torture! It was absolutely the worst pain in my life. Then the contractions started to really come. I had to deal with them for 1 hr and 45 minutes. They were horrible. I had to focus and breathe through them.

Ryan was sitting by my side trying to comfort me, but nothing helped. He had this look of horror on his face, poor guy. I know he felt so horrible for me. But he was wonderful, he even changed my pad (since I keep leaking). Now, he is out eating his breakfast!

But finally at 8:45, my new best friend came, the epidural man! It didn't really hurt. I got a little pain from the local anesthesia, but nothing bad. Just a little cramp...very weird sensation. But, let me say...I AM LOVING IT NOW!!! I should get checked again in about 30 minutes, so hopefully I have progressed!

I will update later!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan and Alicia...I am checking your website every time my kids go out to recess...I am thinking of you.. GOOD LUCK! Love 'ya both! Suzanne

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