October 7, 2009

Being Induced Right NOW!

Tuesday, 10/6

Checked into hospital at 8pm with my nervous hubby

Put on monitor, contracting every three minutes!

Got blood drawn and IV, nurse was really good…thank god!

Plan was to start Cervidil, but bc my contrax were so frequent they wanted to wait a bit bc it could cause fetal distress

Nurse spoke with my OB, decided to just start Pitocin at 1am

I was checked, no progress, still soft and 1cm...boooo

Parents and In Laws came by to say hi! My mom got all excited and was going crazy as to why my contrax were every 3 minutes and all the way off the charts, but I was still smiling and happy!

Dave tooks lots of pictures, while I am still in my happy mood!

Wednesday, 10/7

Still good! It is about 4:30 as I write this. My contrax are coming on stronger, about 3-4 minutes. But they are still not intolerable. Yes, they feel a bit uncomfortable, much like menstrual cramps. Baby Kayla is doing great as ever! Ryan is sleeping on the pull out chair…looks so uncomfortable, poor guy! I can’t sleep for crap…my sides keep falling asleep or the stupid blood pressure thing keeps going off. Very obnoxious!

I hope hope and hope some more that my next check I am dilated further…even just a centimeter!


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