August 26, 2009

34 weeks 2 day Belly!!!

Look at my belly grow!! Kayla is doing very well! Still doing martial arts like crazy! MY UTERUS IS NOT YOUR JUNGLE GYM! Lol.

I can't believe there are only 6 weeks left!! AHHHH!!! She hasn't dropped yet, but I can definitely feel some pulling I think it's going to happen soon! Still no stretch marks, still backaches, still hard for me to roll over and get up! I feel like an old man! Grunting all the time! Hahaha!

August 20, 2009


My baby shower was absolutely wonderful and perfect! It was everything and more! The grandmas to be did an amazing job with the planning and decorations! I take my hat off to you guys! You are the best! Kayla will have the best grandmas EVER!! Thank you again!

All the grandmas & great-grandma's to be!
God-Mother Berenise!
All the grandpas to be!
Auntie Jen Jen!

Grandmas to be with their favorite thing in the whole world! LOL

So handsome in uniform!

What a great angle of my beach ball!

Me crying as usual with my "Thank You" speech

August 11, 2009


Look at our little man! He is soooo darn cute! He is almost 2 years old now...time flies! Where did is his color go! LOL! Now he looks like a little rabbit! :)

Here he was when we first got him! Awww....November 2007! I can't wait til we can look at pictures of Kayla like this!

32 Week Baby Bump!

Is my belly getting big or what!?!?! Still no stretch marks! My tat is still posistioned well too! WOOOOOWHOOOO! As of our last appt, baby weighs 3lbs 12 oz!!! Grow Kayla Grow! She is squirming around like crazy in there! I can't believe there is only 8 weeks left!!! I am getting so excited...especially for my shower!

Nursery Pictures as of 8/11

Well, we are almost done! We just need to add the monogram above the crib, the quote on the curtains and last finishing touches! YAY! It looks gorgeous if I do say so myself!

We wanted to thank my mom (April), stepdad (Romell) and dad (Les) again for getting the crib, dresser and rocking chair for us and Kayla! And Auntie Gina & Uncle Dennis for the gorgeous bedding! It really really really meant a lot to us! Thank you guys soooo so much! We love you and appreciate it immensely!

Nursery Update

Here are some more pics of us doing the nursery! As you can see Dave had to come help with the curtains and give Ryan some instructions! OH, and as you can also see, I don't just take pictures and give directions...I put stuff together too! LOL!

August 5, 2009

Jenn's BRIDAL Shower

This past weekend was Jenn's Bridal Shower! It was absolutely gorgeous, fun, and very memorable. We all had a wonderful time! And yummy the food was! Especially the chocolate chip cookies! :) The countdown is here...7 weeks til the wedding!!! AHHHH!!! How exciting!

Check out thier website too:

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