May 7, 2009

IT'S A......GIRL!!!!!

We have a healthy baby girl!! Yay!!! We are soooooo excited! Well, Ryan is very nervous, but so happy! The third picture shows her little foot! The second picture shows our little princess's face! Now, that we know we can finally narrow down the names! Dr said she looks great and on target for the 10/5 due date!!!!

I want to go and buy tons of cute dresses now!!! YAY!!!!

May 6, 2009

BABY BUMP - 18 Weeks 3 Days

Lookie! Look! You can see the baby bump now!!! Grow baby grow!!

May 5, 2009

Back from Vegas!!!

My hubby was soooo sweet this weekend! As most of you know, it was my b-day on Friday. Ryan planned this surprise trip to Vegas (yes....all by himself!)! We had such a great time! He knew I had been so anxious to see the Phantom of the Opera show, so he bought us tickets! WOW!! This showed true love from him. He HATES musicals and operas. It was so funny...he was fidgeting the whole time! I could tell he hated it. But he didn't say one comment or make one face. He lasted through the 2 hour show for me! What a sweetie pie!

On Saturday, we laid out by the pool, which was very weird for me. Normally, I am pretty comfortable with my own body to lay out and not care....but this time, totally different! Because I have a little belly, no one would know that I am pregnant, just a little thick in the waist. And I don't like that at all!!! :( But Ryan was very sweet, telling me how my body is better looking than all the girls out here. I realize that he has to say these things bc he is my hubby...but it still helped to hear that from him.

After we got burnt, we met up with Grandpa Jack and had a delicious and funny dinner at Grand Luxe Cafe. Then we got some last minute show tix to KA at MGM Grand. It was seriously packed in that casino because the Pacquiao fight was there! Since we have Filipino on The Crespin side and Sampang side...I will give a shout out! GOOOOOO PACQUIAO!!!!
Back to the show....KA was seriously the best show ever! The stunts and the way the stage rotated, just crazy!! Better than any other Cirque D'Soleil show. We both loved it! Go see it if you havent!

Sunday morning we left, but first visited Grandma Gail in Victorville. It is always great to see her and spend time with her. Again, her house was IMMACULATE! Not one spec of dust anywhere!

We had an amazing weekend! Ryan did such a great job planning for my birthday! It was sooo sweet of him...especially to put up with opera! :) I am so lucky to be married to him!

Oh, and what a different experience to see Vegas with NO ALCOHOL! We actually were able to wake up early and enjoy the day! hehehe!

Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures! I don't why either...guess we were enjoying ourselves to much!

Remodeled Kitchen & Bath!!!!

KITCHEN BEFORE...isn't Kobe adorable in this pic??

Here are the pics of our new kitchen floor! We absolutely love it! Way better than that linoleum!!


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