October 3, 2009

The end is here....well, only on calendar.

Well, today I am 40 weeks (based off my second due date...if not, it is Monday 10/5) and still freaking pregnant!

So, I went to my appt on Thurs, NO PROGRESS!!! BOOOOO! :( I danced like crazy at the wedding and walked, but no baby! Damn! Damn! Damn! This girl is stubborn already.

But, we did schedule our induction day for Tues night at 8pm. If all goes as planned, we will have little Kayla in our arms first thing Wednesday morning! YAY! I can not believe it! That means her birthday will be October 7, 2009! AHHHHH!!! After all this time, we will finally get to hold her in our arms. Just thinking about it brings chills!
As I sit here and type, I am having contractions about every 8-10 minutes. I am hoping I can still go into labor myself without the induction...so I am keeping track. They are not getting more painful though, so I think it is just pre-labor. But still, a great sign!

Here we are on Thursday night (10/1) at the grandparents house. Grandma P decided to make us a delicious dinner so I didn't have to cook! I love being spoiled! LOL!

I will take some photos of my belly later this weekend and post! I can't believe we are going to have our little girl within 4 days! AHHHH!!!! I am getting a lil bit nervous now!!!
Oh, I would like to give a huge birthday shout it to my Dad and Auntie Lisa!! Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!


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