December 21, 2009


I know! I know! It's been forever...truth is I am neglecting my blog because I know have a Facebook account. With FB I can upload pics from my phone, much easier considering I have Kayla now.

But let see, Kayla is doing amazing!!! She almost holds her up up 100%! She recognizes almost everyone now. She speaks and smiles all the time. She is sleeping about 7-8 hour at a time at night...much better from every 2! She fights her sleep like crazy during the day though.

At her 2 month checkup (12/7) she weighed 12.4 lbs and was 23". Basically she gained 3 lbs and inches! Doctor says she is doing great!

We are so in love with this girl it is crazy!! She is our world! Enjoy the pictures!! Can't wait to celebrate Christmas with our families!

2 and a half months old!!

November 18, 2009


Here are some pictures of our little angel! She is growing up so fast! She coos and smiles! Check her out in action (make sure you turn up your volume)!

Happy Retirement Dad!!!

Well, after 30 amazing and fulfilling years of police work, Dave is finally retired! We are so unbelievably proud of him and all that he has accomplished. He is truly one of a kind. He has helped so many people that he has taken on the slogan "Dave Crespin saved my life". Congrats!!! (now, we have a full time baby sitter!) LOL!

Here are some pictures from the BBQ where he was presented his flag!

October 29, 2009

3 Weeks Old!

Well, it's been three weeks! Three weeks of love, happiness, surprises, sleep deprivation, frustration and many other feelings! But I can say that all of the negatives don't even compare to the love that I feel for this little girl. She and Ryan are the joys of my life.

Getting big at 9lb, 7 oz too! She is giving me some major biceps! She smiles and follows your face and she is starting to make cooing sounds...the cutest thing ever. She eats A LOT! I just wish she would sleep a little bit longer intervals at night. We would sure love that.

Uh oh, she is crying...will continue later!

October 11, 2009

Updated Photos!

October 7, 2009

Our Birth Photos! Enjoy!!


So, my next check which was around 1:40, I was a 7 almost 8. Then I started to feel some major pressure so I called the nurse...boom! I was 9 at 2:30. At 2:55, I was 10 and we began pushing. Again, thank god for that epi!!!

My mom and Ry were in the delivery room with me and they were awesome. My husband was the greatest support telling me to keep pushing and how great I was doing. Always giving me kisses on the head. My mom was totally awesome too!! I could not have asked for a better team!!

Dr came in around 3:15 because I was getting super close. She started to have some decelerations with the contractions, so he decided to use the vacuum to help her out. He pulled her out just a little and I was able to push her the out the remaining way. SHE WEIGHS 9 POUNDS 1.8 OUNCES! Yes, that huge baby came out of me!! We all were stunned by her size!

We were all crying and just smiling with joy and excitement to see this little miracle born. I honestly had a great birth for a first time mom. I only pushed for 40 minutes. Overall, from the moment we got to the hospital and got hooked up with 3 minute contractions until delivery, it was 20 hours!

This pic is of daddy cutting the cord!

This is of me crying right after she was delivered

Here are Kayla Jade's birth stats!

Induction Update 1:30pm

Hello again! Well, I am finally opening!! I was at 6 cm at 12:45! Yea!!! We are going to have this little girl soon!!

Oh, and I am still feeling great! Loving this epi! We are trying to get in our final naps before the big moment of arrival! Ryan looks so cute all curled up on his lil cot, sleeping like a baby.

We are getting so excited! We cannot wait! I can't believe that I am going to be a mom and hold the miracle that Ryan and I created so soon. I mean I protected and kept her healthy for 9 months and now I get to see her! Just amazing!

Nurse said it should be about 2 more hours! YAY! Oh, and for all you moms who did it naturally, I have a whole other level of respect for you! I give you big props!! I couldn't of done it!

Next update will be photos of Kayla!!

Induction Update 9:45am


So, the doctor came in at 7:30am and put me in the worse pain of my life! I seriously started to cry! He broke my water with a huge long crochet needle. Torture! It was absolutely the worst pain in my life. Then the contractions started to really come. I had to deal with them for 1 hr and 45 minutes. They were horrible. I had to focus and breathe through them.

Ryan was sitting by my side trying to comfort me, but nothing helped. He had this look of horror on his face, poor guy. I know he felt so horrible for me. But he was wonderful, he even changed my pad (since I keep leaking). Now, he is out eating his breakfast!

But finally at 8:45, my new best friend came, the epidural man! It didn't really hurt. I got a little pain from the local anesthesia, but nothing bad. Just a little cramp...very weird sensation. But, let me say...I AM LOVING IT NOW!!! I should get checked again in about 30 minutes, so hopefully I have progressed!

I will update later!

Being Induced Right NOW!

Tuesday, 10/6

Checked into hospital at 8pm with my nervous hubby

Put on monitor, contracting every three minutes!

Got blood drawn and IV, nurse was really good…thank god!

Plan was to start Cervidil, but bc my contrax were so frequent they wanted to wait a bit bc it could cause fetal distress

Nurse spoke with my OB, decided to just start Pitocin at 1am

I was checked, no progress, still soft and 1cm...boooo

Parents and In Laws came by to say hi! My mom got all excited and was going crazy as to why my contrax were every 3 minutes and all the way off the charts, but I was still smiling and happy!

Dave tooks lots of pictures, while I am still in my happy mood!

Wednesday, 10/7

Still good! It is about 4:30 as I write this. My contrax are coming on stronger, about 3-4 minutes. But they are still not intolerable. Yes, they feel a bit uncomfortable, much like menstrual cramps. Baby Kayla is doing great as ever! Ryan is sleeping on the pull out chair…looks so uncomfortable, poor guy! I can’t sleep for crap…my sides keep falling asleep or the stupid blood pressure thing keeps going off. Very obnoxious!

I hope hope and hope some more that my next check I am dilated further…even just a centimeter!

October 4, 2009

40 Week Belly Photos!

Taken tonight...10/3

October 3, 2009

The end is here....well, only on calendar.

Well, today I am 40 weeks (based off my second due date...if not, it is Monday 10/5) and still freaking pregnant!

So, I went to my appt on Thurs, NO PROGRESS!!! BOOOOO! :( I danced like crazy at the wedding and walked, but no baby! Damn! Damn! Damn! This girl is stubborn already.

But, we did schedule our induction day for Tues night at 8pm. If all goes as planned, we will have little Kayla in our arms first thing Wednesday morning! YAY! I can not believe it! That means her birthday will be October 7, 2009! AHHHHH!!! After all this time, we will finally get to hold her in our arms. Just thinking about it brings chills!
As I sit here and type, I am having contractions about every 8-10 minutes. I am hoping I can still go into labor myself without the I am keeping track. They are not getting more painful though, so I think it is just pre-labor. But still, a great sign!

Here we are on Thursday night (10/1) at the grandparents house. Grandma P decided to make us a delicious dinner so I didn't have to cook! I love being spoiled! LOL!

I will take some photos of my belly later this weekend and post! I can't believe we are going to have our little girl within 4 days! AHHHH!!!! I am getting a lil bit nervous now!!!
Oh, I would like to give a huge birthday shout it to my Dad and Auntie Lisa!! Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!

Beautiful Wedding!!!

Well, what an event the Duke & Duchess wedding turned out to be! Fortunately for all of us, it was baby-free! LOL!

We started out at the rehearsal dinner on Thursday night. It was awfully hot, but gorgeous! Then we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Downtown Fullerton...YUMMYYYY!!! We had a great time. Jen & Greg were so excited for thier wedding! Here are all the bridemaids and me and my hot husband:

Then on Friday night, we went down to Fullerton to stay the night at the hotel before the wedding. The bridal party went out to Red Robin for dinner then came back and had a FUN night at the hotel bar. Let's say that a few people got a lil toasted. Not to mention any names (but their last names are Crespin). I honestly wish it could have been me :( Needless to say, it was a blast! We were all joking and laughing, telling stories. Great times!

The wedding day!! We woke up and got our lovely bride to be some breakfast. She just glowed with excitment! Jen bought all the bridesmaids the cutest black satin robes with our names on it..check us out all beautified! Jen looked absolutely gorgeous! THE MOST STUNNING BRIDE EVER!

On our way to the wedding, it was Dave & Patti, me, Jen & LaToya. Dave, of course puts on this sappy music which he thought Jen would like bc she was getting married in less than an hour. Of course, knowing how we are we make him change it to hiphop and we all start rapping and dancing in the backseat! Typical us! :)

The moment everyone waits for....the ceremony. It was seriously so gorgeous and perfect outside. We could not have gotten more lucky with the weather (thank goodness!). It was so awesome to be standing as her bridesmaid watching Greg get all teary eyed and the big smile on everyone's faces! I loved it! It was the most heartfelt ceremony....everyone was in tears. I love witnessing true love! Enjoy the photos!

The night was finished off with toasts to remember, delicious food and cake and laughs and smiles to be remembered always!
Congratulations newlyweds! Hope you guys had a blast in Maui!

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