October 3, 2009

Beautiful Wedding!!!

Well, what an event the Duke & Duchess wedding turned out to be! Fortunately for all of us, it was baby-free! LOL!

We started out at the rehearsal dinner on Thursday night. It was awfully hot, but gorgeous! Then we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Downtown Fullerton...YUMMYYYY!!! We had a great time. Jen & Greg were so excited for thier wedding! Here are all the bridemaids and me and my hot husband:

Then on Friday night, we went down to Fullerton to stay the night at the hotel before the wedding. The bridal party went out to Red Robin for dinner then came back and had a FUN night at the hotel bar. Let's say that a few people got a lil toasted. Not to mention any names (but their last names are Crespin). I honestly wish it could have been me :( Needless to say, it was a blast! We were all joking and laughing, telling stories. Great times!

The wedding day!! We woke up and got our lovely bride to be some breakfast. She just glowed with excitment! Jen bought all the bridesmaids the cutest black satin robes with our names on it..check us out all beautified! Jen looked absolutely gorgeous! THE MOST STUNNING BRIDE EVER!

On our way to the wedding, it was Dave & Patti, me, Jen & LaToya. Dave, of course puts on this sappy music which he thought Jen would like bc she was getting married in less than an hour. Of course, knowing how we are we make him change it to hiphop and we all start rapping and dancing in the backseat! Typical us! :)

The moment everyone waits for....the ceremony. It was seriously so gorgeous and perfect outside. We could not have gotten more lucky with the weather (thank goodness!). It was so awesome to be standing as her bridesmaid watching Greg get all teary eyed and the big smile on everyone's faces! I loved it! It was the most heartfelt ceremony....everyone was in tears. I love witnessing true love! Enjoy the photos!

The night was finished off with toasts to remember, delicious food and cake and laughs and smiles to be remembered always!
Congratulations newlyweds! Hope you guys had a blast in Maui!


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