June 29, 2009

Over the weeks....

So, let's take a look back! Look at how flat my stomach was at 14 weeks! Now, I am a basketball! LOL!

Last night pics at 26 weeks!

Transformers SPYDER Ride!

Well, this weekend was fun, at least for Ryan, Dave, Patti, Rudy & Berenise. Do you notice my name anywhere! NO!!! Since we are all huge Transformer's fans, there was a special Spyder motorcycle ride bc the Spyder is in the movie. Well, I couldn't go because everyone said it wasn't safe! GEEZ! Take all the fun out! But here are some great pics!

Remodeled Backyard!

If you have been to my house in the past, you know that we never go outside to our patio because it looked like a jungle! So, my dearest husband, worked his butt off to get it nice and clean for Rudy's party! Too bad, I am pregnant or else I would have helped!! Hahaha! I love that part of pregnancy! No heavy lifting for me! Here are some photos (btw...the before photos are actually not that bad, we had had the gardener come to clear out most of the neck high weeds)!

Before (the fountain came with the house)


We are sooooo thrilled we actually have a liveable backyard now!! Woooowhooo! Kobe can actually go outside now! Thanks again to my wonderful hubby! The killer wasp attack and the 21, 20lb rock bags were all worth it! hehehe!

June 22, 2009

Congrats to RUDY!!!

One of our best friends, Rudy has been CANCER-FREE for 1 year! YAY!!! In honor of this, his wifey, Berenise (my best friend) threw him a congratulatory party at our house on Saturday! We had such a great time with family and friends celebrating Rudy! We hope and pray for a lifetime free of cancer!

Rudy & Berenise

The girls (Berenise, Gem, Malissa & Me)

June 16, 2009

Update...24 Weeks!

So, Ry & I went to the dr on 6/8 to check up on our little girl. We got to see her for like 20 minutes, it was GREAT!!! The dr told us that she is going to be VERY tall based on her femur measurement. She is in the 90th percentile for height! Her head and abdomen are average though. Dr also mentioned that she has some long fingers and big feet! POOR GIRL! She is definitely taking after us! It was the most cutest thing, the whole time she was lying with her hands behind her head just chilling out! So freaking cute! She is VERY healthy too! YAY! Doc says everything is good with me too..weight and size! Here is a pic of me yesterday at 24 weeks! I am loving my belly!!! And all the movements that she is making! Sometimes my belly looks like there is an alien trying to come out! LOL!

We are also getting ready to start the nursery! I ordered the baby's bedding, which should be here end of month. The crib set will be ordered on the 24th! Sooooo excited!! Time sure is flying by! In 3 weeks I will be in my final trimester! AHHHHH!!! We can't wait to see our little girl's face!!!
We are going to be doing a 4D ultrasound at 27 weeks too! I can't wait to see how she looks! I will be posting those pictures up!
And finally....HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO ME AND RY!!!! June 7th to be exact!! We had a beautiful dinner at Admiral Risty's. Unfortunately, Ry had to work the rest of the night! :( But at least we got to have a delicious dinner! Can't wait for the many more years to come! I love that man sooooooooooo much!!!!


So, I think we have the name for our girl...and of course it is different from the options you all voted on! Thank you very much for voting though! LOL! Still debating on middle name, we kinda like Jade.


(could also be spelled Riley)


Well, I finally have some cruise photos...not all the one I want because Dave is taking FOREVER to get them to me, so here are some from my camera! We had a BLAST!! Thanks again Grandma Betty for such a wonderful vacation!
First day...taking off from San Pedro

Dave & Patti on Love & Marraige Game Show...champions!!! GOOOOO!!!

Seattle, on our way to Pike Market

Victoria, Canada, Butchart Gardens

Canada, overlooking Bay

Ry & Jen rockclimbing on cruise!

Inside cruise, at the shopping promenade.

Happy Birthday Dave (Dad)!

On June 4th it was Dave's Bday! We had a great time bowling at Lucky Strike! Check out some of the pics!

June 2, 2009


Finally, after 21 weeks, I felt our little girl move!!! I was sitting on the couch getting ready to leave for our cruise and I felt the first kicks. From then on, it is kicks and punches everyday!!! She is one VERY active girl! On our 3rd night of cruising Ryan felt her once! She did one "thump" for him. We were both ecstatic! I seriously could not stop laughing because I was so happy that he could feel her too! On Sunday night, he finally felt her again...TWICE! It's so crazy to feel something moving inside you....kind of alien like! But it is awesome. She moves all day long, I wonder if she ever sleeps!

And....my belly popped out!!! YAY!!! 21 weeks was a huge week! Check out these pics from yesterday!

We are sill deciding on our baby girl's name. I am leaning towards Kayori, Ryan towards Kayla....we may need a little bit longer to make up our minds!!!

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