September 20, 2009

38 Weeks!

Will you take a look at the Baby Countdown! It's almost to the end!! Well, here I am...two more weeks to go!! YAY! I have a feeling this one is going to show up either on time or a lil bit late. I don't really feel any pressure, I think I get a contractions every now and again, but who knows! I am feeling great though! I honestly am one lucky pregnant girl! The only major side effects are my swollen feet! My toes look like sausages!

Let's see...this Saturday is Jen & Greg's wedding! Woooowhoo! That is my date, once I get passed the 26th then labor can come anytime! We are all so excited. It is going to be beautiful!

OH! The best news ever....RYAN MADE SWAT!!!! YAY!!! The youngest cop ever at Redondo to make SWAT. That's because he is so awesome! Oh, and he looks sooooooo hot in his uniform. I will try to sneak a pic! I am so unbelievably proud of my husband!

Well, I will just keep baking Kayla in the meanwhile! LOL! Don't forget to view the post below this with the video of Kayla's nursery....FINALLY FINISHED!!!

Kayla's Finished Nursery!!

September 9, 2009

36 Weeks 3 Days!

OMG! There is less than 4 weeks left til I give birth to our little Kayla Jade!!! AHHHH!!! We are sooo excited! We put together most of the baby gear (swing, bouncer, pack n play, stroller...etc) and now our house looks baby-fied! HAHAH! We are realizing that our house will NEVER look the same again!

I went to the dr today for my weekly appt...everything is great! Measuring at 37 weeks and her heartbeat great! I think I may have dropped a little bit bc I have been feeling increased pains in my lower belly and it kinda looks like it in the pic...what do you think? Other than that, I think I may have had a contraction this morning while I was walking for coffee. I actually had to stop walking. But no pressure or anything. Next week we start cervix checks (how fun) we will see if I am dilated or effaced at all!

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