October 7, 2009


So, my next check which was around 1:40, I was a 7 almost 8. Then I started to feel some major pressure so I called the nurse...boom! I was 9 at 2:30. At 2:55, I was 10 and we began pushing. Again, thank god for that epi!!!

My mom and Ry were in the delivery room with me and they were awesome. My husband was the greatest support telling me to keep pushing and how great I was doing. Always giving me kisses on the head. My mom was totally awesome too!! I could not have asked for a better team!!

Dr came in around 3:15 because I was getting super close. She started to have some decelerations with the contractions, so he decided to use the vacuum to help her out. He pulled her out just a little and I was able to push her the out the remaining way. SHE WEIGHS 9 POUNDS 1.8 OUNCES! Yes, that huge baby came out of me!! We all were stunned by her size!

We were all crying and just smiling with joy and excitement to see this little miracle born. I honestly had a great birth for a first time mom. I only pushed for 40 minutes. Overall, from the moment we got to the hospital and got hooked up with 3 minute contractions until delivery, it was 20 hours!

This pic is of daddy cutting the cord!

This is of me crying right after she was delivered

Here are Kayla Jade's birth stats!


Jennifer said...

dr naghi was my doctor too!!

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