March 16, 2009


So last Sunday after feeling really weird (symptoms of pregnancy), I got this instinct to take a pregnancy test. And what do you know?? It was positive as well as the other one...just in case. hehehe.

I called Ryan and he was super excited! You know he wanted to have kids like 2 years ago! But we were in complete shock! We were not planning on trying until later in the year, around fall and I was still on contraception. We seriously could not believe it!

We understand that this is definitely a blessing in disguise and TOTALLY meant to be.

Our parents, families and friends could not be more excited for us! My mom is already sending me pictures of baby cribs! A few nights ago, we were at Dave & Patti's with Jen and Greg arguing over baby names!!

I think I am about 8 weeks along, but we will see when I go to the dr's on Thursday! Twins run on my side of the we are seriously hoping this is not the case!!! Could you imagine!! Ahhh! But if so, we are doubly blessed! Then I won't have to go through pregnancy again...that is, if I have a boy and a girl!

It is truly a happy time for us as well as our families! 2009 is off to a great start....the wedding of The Duke & Duchess (Greg & Jen) on 9/26, Dave and Patti's 30th wedding anniversary in June, and a BABY in October or November!!!!


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