March 19, 2009

Ultrasound Photos - 3.19.09 (11 1/2 weeks)

Look at Baby Crespin!!


Anonymous said...

OMG! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! I was expecting a peanut now i see charlie brown! CONGRATS! I am so excited for both of you and to both your parents. First time grandparents on both sides. Child will be SPOILED!!!!! Its okay as long as they love him thats all that matters. And I did say HIM! Christian Ryan Crespin! That would be an awesome. Auntie Gina Dalrymple

Anonymous said...

I like the name Marky Mark for baby Crespin.

Now when I go to church every Sunday (like you know I do), not only will I have to say a prayer for Grandpa Dave just for cause, I will have to say a prayer praying that the baby looks like Alicia.

I wonder if Grandpa Dave will call in sick to work to take baby Crespin to buy chrome spinners for his/her stroller?

I wonder if Grandpa Dave will take a PL day from work to go with baby Crespin to outfit his/her new Hotwheel with a chrome modified muffler?

I wonder if Grandpa Dave will wear his uniform to Best Buy on the Friday after Thanksgiving (the busiest shopping day of the year) to buy baby Crespin the hottest new toy (Playstation 5) and cut to the front of the line?

Hummm? I wonder these things for baby Crespin.

Anyway, we will see how things play out.

Ryan and Alicia, congrats on such an exciting time.

Love you guys....Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

Grandma Patti said...

Grandma...what a nice ring that has to it!!! I can't wait to spoil this beautiful child. This little "girl" (that's right...I said it) will be the best dressed baby for sure (like Ryan in High School) As for names....what's wrong with means King! Jordan David Crespin, Jordon Ryan Crespin. I like the sound of that! AS for girls...I like Shayne. Kayori will be shortened to Kay remember in the future for sure. Kay Crespin? Just a thought : )
It doesn't matter what name you call this will be "Angel" to Grandma Patti! And there won't be enough kisses to give him or her of that I'm certain. I couldn't love you both more at this very moment! I'm so happy and so excited. Thank you for giving David and I this precious gift. Kisses...Grandma Patti

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