March 16, 2009


My wonderful sister, Jennifer, is engaged to Greg!! Yay!! Congrats!!!

Their weddding date is September 26th! Both of us are sooooo happy for the two of you! You guys definitely got that love at first sight! We are super excited for your wedding!

Sorry that I am going to be a whale in my bridesmaid dress! :)


Dave Crespin said...

How about some more names to pick from!!!!!! REALLY?? Shayne........Just because Ryan loves that show the L Word, he picks Shayne? I'm kidding, I will love any name you pick except for Shayne, Cayden or Kayori! I like Jordan. How about DAVID? It's a biblical name! Alicia don't worry I will take tons of pictures of you at the wedding when you are 7-8 months pregnant and GLOWING. Love ya, Dave

Anonymous said...

Okay Alicia & Ryan, This is my third logon to your site today!!! Keep it coming! U. Jack and I want pronunciation of the girl's name before we can vote (although I'm leaning towards Kayori because it's closest to Dory)hehehe

Anonymous said...

I still LOVE Jaydin Leslie Crespin...For a girl! For a boy "DAVID" sounds out of this world fantastic! NOT...
Love you both,

Anonymous said...

Wow what kind of names are those Im used to maria, jose, juan, pedro. Whatever the name is it doesn't matter cause it's going to be a loved baby. I'm just glad I get to be a part of it' life. Ryan I'm proud of you cause not even the pill can stop you. Ryan and Alicia I wish you the best in these next few months, I love you guys like family. Whatever you do don't name him David.

Rudy the real father

Team Daniel said...

I think the two of you are going to have the most beautiful baby girl! (Not much of a guess needed to know its going to be a girl.) I was thinking Daniella for the first name. Oh, tell her Seth said "wazzz up!"
If by some extremely off chance it is a boy, knowing Ryan's love of basketball, I think you have to consider Larry Bird Crespin for the boy's name!!
Either way, way to go Downtown!!!

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