September 9, 2009

36 Weeks 3 Days!

OMG! There is less than 4 weeks left til I give birth to our little Kayla Jade!!! AHHHH!!! We are sooo excited! We put together most of the baby gear (swing, bouncer, pack n play, stroller...etc) and now our house looks baby-fied! HAHAH! We are realizing that our house will NEVER look the same again!

I went to the dr today for my weekly appt...everything is great! Measuring at 37 weeks and her heartbeat great! I think I may have dropped a little bit bc I have been feeling increased pains in my lower belly and it kinda looks like it in the pic...what do you think? Other than that, I think I may have had a contraction this morning while I was walking for coffee. I actually had to stop walking. But no pressure or anything. Next week we start cervix checks (how fun) we will see if I am dilated or effaced at all!


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