August 26, 2009

34 weeks 2 day Belly!!!

Look at my belly grow!! Kayla is doing very well! Still doing martial arts like crazy! MY UTERUS IS NOT YOUR JUNGLE GYM! Lol.

I can't believe there are only 6 weeks left!! AHHHH!!! She hasn't dropped yet, but I can definitely feel some pulling I think it's going to happen soon! Still no stretch marks, still backaches, still hard for me to roll over and get up! I feel like an old man! Grunting all the time! Hahaha!


LizP said...

your belly is so cute!! i dont have any stretchies yet either... lets hope we stay that way! :) i know what u mean about how hard it is to maneuver around now. rolling out of bed and getting up is a pain for me too. You dont have much longer to go!!!!!! crazy how fast time flies huh! I cant wait to see your beautiful babygirl! hang in there... you're doing an awesome job mama!!

Lance and Jen said...

ha ha i love the old man comparison, i so hear you girl!!!!

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