July 30, 2009


Yesterday my darling husband got the most beautfiul tattoo! (yes, another one!) But this one stands for us, for the beginning of our family. He has been wanting to do one for a very long time. I love love love it! It means so much to us. He placed it right over his heart.

We hope that we can begin a tradition and pass it down for generations to come. Hopefully we can work backwards too and get Dave to get it done! If you are reading this, send him a message and tell him the following "Dave, you are 6'5 and stronger than most men, stop being a baby and get the Crespin Family crest! After all, you are a Crespin, right?"

P.S. We left room at the bottom for our next baby too! :)


Dad said...

We'll see....................maybe I'll get one. It's just that my arm is so huge that it will take a lot of ink unlike Ryan, Mel and Rudy's small arms. Anyway, it looks great! Now stop with the #%@* tatoos!!!!! You are NOT in hip hop or a gangster!

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