July 23, 2009

29 weeks, 3 day bump!

Hello Everyone! Here I am last night at 29 weeks, 3 days! Still no stretch marks! Keeping fingers crossed! I can't believe that next week I am going to be 30 weeks! Then the real countdown begins. You are considered full term at 38 weeks! AHHHH!!! It is right around the corner!
I am doing really good, despite my back KILLING me! For all of you reading this, can you do me a favor and send Ryan a message telling him to massage the mother of his childs' back! GEEZ!

I am starting to feel a little uncomfortable. And I feel like an 80 year old with all my grunts when I get up or roll over...it always takes me about 5 seconcds longer.

Went to the dr on Monday and all is perfect! Kayla's heartbeat is strong and healthy and I am measuring on track. She is kicking and squirming around like crazy in there! It is the best feeling, well except when I lay down and try to sleep! LOL!


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