June 29, 2009

Remodeled Backyard!

If you have been to my house in the past, you know that we never go outside to our patio because it looked like a jungle! So, my dearest husband, worked his butt off to get it nice and clean for Rudy's party! Too bad, I am pregnant or else I would have helped!! Hahaha! I love that part of pregnancy! No heavy lifting for me! Here are some photos (btw...the before photos are actually not that bad, we had had the gardener come to clear out most of the neck high weeds)!

Before (the fountain came with the house)


We are sooooo thrilled we actually have a liveable backyard now!! Woooowhooo! Kobe can actually go outside now! Thanks again to my wonderful hubby! The killer wasp attack and the 21, 20lb rock bags were all worth it! hehehe!


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