June 2, 2009


Finally, after 21 weeks, I felt our little girl move!!! I was sitting on the couch getting ready to leave for our cruise and I felt the first kicks. From then on, it is kicks and punches everyday!!! She is one VERY active girl! On our 3rd night of cruising Ryan felt her once! She did one "thump" for him. We were both ecstatic! I seriously could not stop laughing because I was so happy that he could feel her too! On Sunday night, he finally felt her again...TWICE! It's so crazy to feel something moving inside you....kind of alien like! But it is awesome. She moves all day long, I wonder if she ever sleeps!

And....my belly popped out!!! YAY!!! 21 weeks was a huge week! Check out these pics from yesterday!

We are sill deciding on our baby girl's name. I am leaning towards Kayori, Ryan towards Kayla....we may need a little bit longer to make up our minds!!!


Lance and Jen said...

i love this photo - how did you do that!!

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